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DEHN schützt die Ölindustrie
DEHN protects the oil industry

Lightning and surge protection for the oil industry

Lightning strikes and transient overvoltages present a risk to the sensitive systems and components used in the oil industry. In today’s competitive environment system failure is a real threat. So, reduce cost-intensive operational disturbances and minimise downtime.

With a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept you can optimise the continuous operation of oil pipelines, pump and slide gate valve stations, and storage tanks.

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More details for system operators

Lightning and surge protection and earthing are important, that is clear... but what exactly does this involve? Are any examples available? How can I protect my staff? How can I secure my investments? How do other people deal with this?

You will find practical solutions for pipelines and hazardous areas, reference projects and up to date information on the relevant standards and regulations here.

More details for planning engineers

For my work, e.g. detailed risk assessment, I need reliable sources of information and well-prepared material.


You will find practical solutions, data sheets, tender specifications and product macros here.
Take advantage of the DEHNconcept planning service which enables you to outsource everything to do with lightning and surge protection and have the appropriate planning done for you.

Details for plant construction and cathodic protection firms

The actual situation on site is often different to how it was in the plans. When this is the case, I need all the relevant data quickly and it has to be reliable. Is the solution compatible with existing systems? Where can I download information? How can I test components? Is there a hotline where I can speak to an expert?


Your will find the installation instructions and certificates, data sheets, 3D data, information on testing regulations and test installation, field reports ... and, of course, your personal contact in technical support here.

More details for appraisers

It is not unusual for me to have to check the original data when I am assessing a design. This means that it is important for me to have a page where I can quickly and easily download the right data.


You will find data sheets and installation instructions, certificates and testing guidelines here ... all clearly laid out, ... all in a nutshell.


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