Protection measures against arc faults – with concept

An arc fault is not a rare phenomenon, it is a hazard which must be taken seriously. It occurs as an electrical gas discharge due to a technical defect, maloperation, impurities or foreign objects in the system. Therefore, for optimum protection, plan your arc fault protection holistically. With the right measures, you can ensure the safety of your employees, optimise the fire protection of your electrical system and ensure that it runs reliably.

Safe when it matters most.

Assess risk
Minimise risk

Regardless of whether you want to expand your protection concept with additional measures or develop a new concept.
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Follow the Hierarchy of Risk Control

As a general rule, hazards are always eliminated at their source. If this does not suffice, further preventive measures can be taken as per the hierarchy of risk control in accordance with NFPA 70 E.


e.g. disconnect all electrical equipment completely


e.g. internal arc fault mitigation system (IAMS)

Engineering controls

e.g. adjustment of circuit breaker settings


e.g. arc flash labelling

Administrative controls

e.g. planned work procedures


e.g. arc-rated PPE

The right solution according to the hierarchy of risk control:

Why arc faults are dangerous

What are arc faults? Why are they so dangerous and how can you protect yourself against them? We will explain it to you and tell you which protection class is right for you.

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Recognising the risk of arc faults

Use this checklist as a guideline to assess arc fault hazards in your electrical systems and optimise your company-wide arc fault protection concept. If you have any questions, please contact our arc fault expert.

To the check list

Comprehensive arc fault protection concept

Your path to all-round protection

From the legal basis to documentation – think holistically for the best possible protection against arc faults. DEHN supports you in the planning and realisation of your individual concept. 


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Brochure Safe when it matters most Protect people and systems against arc faults .pdf 259 KB
Dialogue guideline

Determine arc fault protection measures in the dialogue

If you want to evaluate your system availability as well as the protection of people, our dialogue guideline will help you