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  • Statement on the Events in Ukraine

    Statement of the Executive Board of DEHN SE on the Events in Ukraine

    We have been following recent events in Ukraine with great concern. What is happening there leaves us speechless. It was inconceivable for many of us that, in this day and age, acts of war could hold us in suspense - least of all directly on the external border of the European Union. Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine and all our colleagues who are directly or indirectly affected by the conflict.


    DEHN SE is built on a foundation of values developed through the decades. As a family-owned company we care about the well-being of people around the globe. We also condemn all forms of armed conflict. On this basis, we the executive board of DEHN SE, have decided to largely suspend business activities in Russia.


    Our executive board and the appropriate departments are currently assessing the extent to which the present situation will have an impact on the business activities of DEHNgroup. We will continue to monitor events very closely in order to be able to act quickly if needs be.

    For the people in Ukraine, we hope for a quick settlement of the conflict.


    Executive Board of DEHN SE

    Dr Philipp Dehn (CEO), Florian Bohlmann (CFO), Helmut Pusch (CSO), Christian Köstler (COO), Christian Höhler (CTO)

Press releases

April 2022

Joint donation

United to help – Staff and company at DEHN SE make a joint donation for people in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has had us on edge for several weeks now. It has led to unprecedented demonstrations of solidarity and willingness to help throughout the world. DEHN SE wants to help. In its own fundraising campaign, more than 20,000 euros were collected by the workforce. By way of motivation, the company had made an initial contribution of €25,000 and also promised to double the amount of money raised by the employees at the end of the campaign. In total, a joint DEHN donation of 66,000 euros was put together. 

March 2022

Cooperation of technological leaders

DEHN and Max Bögl collaborate on a wind tower project

How to prevent damage to a wind turbine as best as possible if lightning strikes the exposed tower? This was the question posed to simulation experts from DEHN along with the Max Bögl Group in a project. Now both companies are benefitting from the results.

January 2022

Florian Bohlmann to become CFO of DEHN SE

The family-owned company is strengthening its Executive Board and has appointed Florian Bohlmann as the Chief Financial Officer of DEHN SE as of 1 January 2022. The 45-year-old has been a commercial manager at DEHN since 2016.

November 2021

PAS EX from DEHN – Safety with non-sparking equipotential bonding

Equipotential bonding is essential; particularly in potentially explosive areas. It eliminates differences in potential, thus preventing dangerous touch voltages and sparking. In order to achieve this, all external, conductive system parts and installations that could cause dangerous potential differences must be connected to the main earthing busbar.

September 2021

DEHNrecord Smart Device - Creating transparency in a low-voltage system

Modern power grids consist of an increasing proportion of electronics and therefore have many components with a low dielectric strength. They are also highly interconnected. Added to this is the shift from centralised power generation to a volatile power grid supplemented by a multitude of decentralised renewable energy generators and non-linear power consumers. 

July 2021

DEHNventil: Full Power - half the width

In just 4 standard DIN modules, the compact combined arrester, type 1+2+3, protects against transient overvoltages in low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Small width and a compact single module that saves you time during installation and maintenance.

January 2021

DEHNcare ArcFit – Individual configuration, greater comfort, reliable protection

With the new arc-fault-tested DEHNcare ArcFit protective clothing and the corresponding online configurator, DEHN offers more individuality and comfort during the highly demanding task of working on electrical installations. With the new, user-friendly configurator, you are only a few clicks away from the desired protective clothing.

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