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DEHNarX Risk Assessment

Evaluate the risk of arc faults and define protection measures according to the hierarchy of risk control

Meet the requirements of work safety legislation

The specific task of an arc fault risk analysis is not properly clarified in many companies. According to national Occupational Health and Safety Acts, every employer must carry out an assessment of the electrical hazards for their employees in order to deduce adequate work protection measures. How is the subject of arc-fault risk assessment handled in your company?

Can be booked in modular and customised form

The DEHNarX service evaluates arc fault risks/energies according to DGUV-I 203-078 or the American process NFPA 70E / IEEE 1584

The existing protection measures in your company are checked and optimised, and additional state-of-the-art measures are recommended. Comprehensive documentation right through to safety-increasing arc flash labels can be booked individually. Get in touch with us so that we can put together a customised offer for you.

Define protection goals in electrical installations together

Protection of people or system availability – the person in charge of the system and the safety staff are usually responsible for developing the protection concept.

The risk assessment must be documented as per §6 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act, so that depending on the type of activity, all the necessary documents are available to the employees and they know which measures have been specified.

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People in charge of systems and safety staff ensure a transparent arc fault protection concept

Create transparency about your arc fault protection concept for all those concerned working on electrical workstations. According to the hierarchy of risk control, and in descending order or priority, this includes technical, organisational and personal arc fault protection measures.


Your electrical network mapped digitally


Knowledge of the electrical energies that exist in your installations is obligatory for evaluating arc fault risks. With DEHNarX, in addition to arc fault energy calculations, you also obtain a digital map of your electrical network.

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Arc flash Labels for even greater employee safety

Customer-specific labels increase safety. They describe how the risk posed by arc faults is reduced by protection measures at every entrance point of your electrical installation.

Johannes Pirkl

Arc fault protection expert

Johannes Pirkl

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