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Software DEHNsupport Toolbox
Software DEHNsupport Toolbox

Digital planning of lightning protection systems

The professional planning and realisation of a comprehensive lightning and surge protection system can be rather complicated. Above all, because it is not a subject that most people deal with on a daily basis.

Make planning easier with the various calculation programmes in DEHNsupport Toolbox - a software for electrical planning engineers, installers of lightning protection systems and electricians.

4 modules help you to evaluate the potential risk for structures

You create a risk analysis and not only calculate required separation distances, but also the length of air-termination rods and earth electrodes. You get a clearly laid out plan with the appropriate protective devices for your project.

Which module do I need for what?

Risk management based on IEC 62305-2 Edition 1 & 2

With DEHN Risk Tool you create a risk analysis. Evaluate the potential risk to buildings or structures taking the characteristics and purpose of the building into account. Specific protection measures can be taken here to reduce the risk.

For a risk analysis in an international context, you plan on the basis of country-specific standards and regulations and the corresponding calculation values.

Calculate the separation distance

With the DEHN Distance Tool you determine the right separation distance to comply with the standards using calculations based on nodal analysis.

Templates for different building constellations are available to save you time and effort.

Calculate the length of air-termination rods

With DEHN Air-Termination Tool you can calculate the length of air-termination rods depending on the class of LPS according to IEC 62305-3.

The dimensions of the protected zones are calculated depending on the height of the air-termination rod.

Calculate the length of earth electrodes

With DEHN Earthing Tool you calculate the required length of earth electrodes taking the type of earth electrode and the soil resistivity into account.

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