Safety in the hospital.

Having technical installations functioning in critical infrastructure like hospitals is vital. Due to the sensitive networked systems of the digitisation processes, the requirements for hospitals are also becoming increasingly complex. Protection against technical installations failing is provided by a complete surge and lightning protection concept.

The DEHN protection solutions for hospitals.

Hospitals are part of our critical infrastructure, because the failure of life-sustaining equipment has serious consequences for patients. The requirements for protective measures have also changed in the course of the digitalisation processes. Digital medical records, operating theatre robots, technical devices, automated processes, measuring and control equipment for building control, access controls – these are just a few examples of processes that have found their way into hospitals.

This makes sophisticated protection concepts and well thought-out risk management all the more important. A significant part of this is precautions against the dangers of lightning and overvoltage effects. The DIN VDE 0100-710 standard should be observed here. It governs the requirements for electrical safety in areas used for medical purposes. The focus of this standard is the safety of patients and staff, as well as a continuous supply of electricity.

We offer you holistic protection concepts that ensure patient safety, staff safety, fail-safe information and telecommunication technology, and a continuous power supply. In these protection concepts, you will find a clear presentation of our specific solutions with product suggestions, documentation and helpful services.

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Technical building equipment

A lightning protection concept eliminates risks for intelligent building systems and closes security gaps in the power and data supply


Protect technical building equipment

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