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DEHN - Qualität ist unser Anspruch
Quality is our mission

Reliable DEHN quality - your protection

Quality is one of our most important corporate goals and the mainstay of our endeavours.

We gear our products and services to customer requirements. Feedback from our customers enables us to continuously improve quality, reliability and efficiency making us a valued partner worldwide.


Four pillars of quality

Zufriedene Kunden

Satisfied customers

The satisfaction of our customers is the focus of our actions

Zuverlässige Mitarbeiter

Responsible employees

Quality is the responsibility of all employees

Beherrschte Prozesse

Measurable performance

In order to constantly improve, we make the quality of our performance measurable in all areas.

Messbare Leistungen

Controlled processes

We deliver impeccable quality through robust design and flawless parts in combination with well-controlled and standardised processes.

Lean Management

Getting better and better - that is what the Lean Management part of our corporate philosophy is about. It helps to implement the continuous improvement process (CIP) at DEHN.

We are successively changing our corporate culture so that all employees are involved in raising potential and optimally supporting our customers.

Our primary goal is to create waste-free, efficient processes and standards.

Since 2016, we have successfully completed numerous projects of this kind and managed to extend CIP activities to the areas of Development, Sales and Administration.

The customer benefit

With the help of the continuous improvement process, we are constantly striving to create value without waste in all processes. This is done through a self-learning organisation with motivated employees and stable processes.


LEAN Development

LEAN Development

Short product development process

LEAN Production

LEAN Production

Fast delivery times

LEAN Sales

LEAN Sales

Optimum customer service

LEAN Administration

LEAN Administration

Customer-friendly administrative processes

Your opinion is important to us

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