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DEHN schützt Tanklager
DEHN protects storage tanks

Safe storage of crude oil - protect employees and the environment

Tank farms are made up of tanks of different sizes with a total capacity of thousands of cubic metres for storing crude oil and other liquid substances.

Basically, all these liquids are inflammable and, once they are burning, extremely difficult to extinguish.

If a lightning strike or surge causes a tank to catch fire, the consequences at the tank farm are dire. People in the vicinity risk life and limb, the environment is polluted and the economic damage is incalculably high.

In order to keep the tank farms and their employees safe, the tanks are monitored round the clock by highly available alarm and extinguishing systems. Custom-fit lightning and surge protection systems ensure that these monitoring systems are always safe and constantly in service.

Bespoke solutions provide protection

They prevent direct lightning strikes to the tanks and protect alarm and extinguishing systems from failure.


Professional planning of protection concepts

DEHNconcept – DEHN engineering for your lightning protection

A comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept for your storage tanks considers the different ex zones and the individual circumstances at your tank farm right from the initial design stage.

Save time and have the lightning and surge protection planned for you as a complete module.

DEHNconcept planning services include

  • Risk analysis of the individual parts of the plant according to IEC EN 62305-2
  • The resulting dimensioning of air-termination and down-conductor systems taking wind loads and separation distances into consideration
  • A diagram of the protected volume in combination with ex zones
  • Planning of earth-termination systems for external lightning protection
  • Surge protective measures for hazardous areas which are appropriate to the protection concept

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