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Basic principles and rules of conduct

DEHN Code of Conduct

We are aware of our role in society and our responsibility towards employees, customers, partners and shareholders. With the DEHN Code of Conduct, we are creating the fundamentals and basic rules for ethical behaviour within the DEHN Holding Group and in our dealings with business partners and the public.

Peter Rehn

Compliance Officer

Peter Rehn

Phone: +49 9181 906 2209

DEHNspeakup whistleblower system

DEHNspeakup is our Web-based whistleblower system. You can use this to report breaches of regulations or abuses, as well as violations of the German Supply Chain Duty of Care Act (LkSG).

DEHNspeakup is available as an additional communication channel for employees of the DEHNgroup as well as business partners and customers or other stakeholders. All information received will be treated confidentially and complaints can also be submitted anonymously.

You can reach our whistleblowing system DEHNspeakup around the clock via the following link.

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