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DEHN Purchasing Philosophy: Become our partner

Our purchasing philosophy

DEHN protects - Under this motto, we guarantee our customers protection of people, buildings, electrical and electronic equipment and plants against the dangers posed by lightning and surges.
In order to meet this goal, we seek intensive and long-term relationships with suppliers with whom we can work together to achieve optimum quality and efficiency.

You would like to be our partner?

The better the partners, the more successful the company. At the end of the day, both parties benefit from a mutual give and take.

As we are looking for successful, long-term business relationships, we expect our suppliers to share some of our basic principles.


These things are important to us:

Quality awareness: As the market leader we want to achieve the highest quality standards for our customers. To do so, we need suppliers who have quality at the top of their list.

Expertise: We expect know how, technical skill and a high degree of innovative strength from our partners. It is only with partners who think outside the box that we can break new ground, invest in new technologies and set our products apart from those of the competition.

Reliability: An important principle for us as a manufacturer is to keep our focus on customer satisfaction. This means that we require our partners to deliver punctually and in the specified quality. This, and a certain level of flexibility, are prerequisites for maximising the satisfaction of our customers.

Environment and ethics: We are careful to ensure consistently ecological internal processes. We expect the same from our suppliers. This also means that human rights are observed and no child or forced labour employed throughout the entire value adding chain. For us, high health and safety standards in the workplace and adequate remuneration are a must. Optimum handling of topics like sustainability and ethics necessitates cooperation.

Our spectrum of requirements

Direct material

  • Electronics
    Varistors, gas discharge tubes, printed circuit boards, fuses, capacitors, diodes, resistors,
    other active/passive components, soldering paste
  • Crude metals, semi-finished products, wire and strip
    Strips, pipes, cables/wires, rods/profiles
  • Mechanics
    Turned and milled parts, metal moulded parts, cut parts, punched/bent parts, connecting
    elements, div. surfaces (gal / tZn / …), assembly, poles
  • Electromechanics
    Cable accessories, plugs, cable lugs, insulators, tubes
  • Cables & wires
    Stranded wire/jumper wire, cables
  • Safety equipment
    Personal protective equipment, voltage detectors, testing equipment, insulating material/shielding
  • Plastics
    Plastic granulate, moulded parts, extruded profiles, GRP
  • Concrete
    Concrete blocks, bucket foundations
  • Packaging
    Corrugated cardboard, solid board, packing aids, tags / labels

Indirect material

  • IT hardware, software
  • Machines
  • Requirement for tools and production facilities
  • Auxiliary and operating materials
  • Operating and business equipment
  • Print media / advertising
  • Office supplies
  • Safety equipment/garments
  • Board and lodgings
  • Seminars

Code of Conduct

As a member of the ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V.) and signatory of the ZVEI Code of Conduct (CoC) DEHN acknowledges its social responsibility within the scope of its global business activities (internationally referred to as "Corporate Social Responsibility").

The CoC of the ZVEI contains guidelines for the branch of industry categorised as follows:

  • Human rights
  • Working conditions
  • Social and environmental compatibility
  • Transparency
  • Trusting cooperation

It is important to us that you, the supplier, take the trouble to find out about and can identify with the content of these guidelines. We see this as the basis for long-term cooperation.

Are you right for us? ... and are we right for you?

You can identify with the DEHN values and provide products or services which fit in with our spectrum of requirements? Then apply to join the DEHN supplier portfolio. All documents and information provided in your supplier's declaration will of course be treated with utmost confidentiality. 

The relevant purchaser will be in touch with you after examining all the documents. If the outcome of the process is positive, you will be listed as a partner and included in future enquiries and tenders.

Note on conflict resources

According to the "Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act“ (Dodd-Frank Act), companies whose products contain metal won from conflict minerals are obliged to submit an annual report to the U.S. States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The conflict mineral category includes: tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold and their derivatives.

We only work with suppliers who procure their raw material exclusively from certified melting shops and who carefully select their sub-suppliers.


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