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DEHN and Environment

DEHN protects.

This guiding principle also applies to our commitment to environmental protection. Since 2000 we have had an environmental management system in place which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Since 2020, our energy management system has also been certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

Product conformity

As a manufacturer of products and protection solutions for surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment, we are also affected by a large number of legal requirements. Compliance with substance restrictions such as REACH and RoHS2 is a matter of course for us. We can also confirm this in part for products for which there is no legal obligation.

If you have any further questions regarding RoHS, REACH or other environmental product requirements please send them to the following e-mail address stating the specific part number: [email protected]

Taking back and recycling

Professional and environmentally compatible recycling of used devices, spent batteries and packaging material is important to us and reduces the environmental impact to a minimum.

Waste equipment

The WEEE2 directive (RL 2012/19/EU) regulates the taking back and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment in order to recover high-quality raw materials from it. This includes all DEHN products marked with the waste bin symbol shown. Waste equipment must be returned to the recycling chain in accordance with the country-specific regulations.

Used batteries

Old batteries usually contain substances that may be harmful to the environment and health. For this reason, they must not be disposed of with regular household waste. In addition, valuable raw materials can be recovered if they are collected separately.

Therefore, please return used batteries or rechargeable batteries only to the designated collection points (e.g. in the REBAT collection boxes). For safety reasons, the terminals of used lithium batteries should be taped off before throwing them in to avoid a short circuit.

Product and transport packaging

We collaborate with the recycling partners Interzero Recycling Alliance GmbH and Interzero Circular Solutions Germany GmbH with regard to the return and recycling of used packaging material.

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