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DEHN schützt die DC-Stromversorgung bis 10 A Nennstrom
DEHN protects DC power supply

BLITZDUCTORconnect – powerful protection up to a nominal current of 10 A

The compact combined arrester protects signal circuits in measuring and control applications. Especially unearthed power supplies in applications up to 10 A nominal current are protected from damage caused by lightning and surges.

In addition to its high performance, this compact arrester is characterised by particularly simple installation and maintenance.

  • You save space
    Only 12 mm wide (2/3 modules)​
  • You save time
    Easy to install and maintain

Perfect for your maintenance strategy

You can check the condition of the arrester at a glance,
without additional testing equipment. Thanks to the integrated status indication.

Maintenance is condition based.
Via the integrated remote signalling contact, the DRC IRCM monitoring unit signals the status of the arrester system at all times.


BLITZDUCTORconnect - a further module for the reliable protection and permanent availability of your system.

All the features at a glance

This is BCO CL2 BD HC10A 24


  1. Push-in connection terminals
    45° inclined, up to 2,5 mm2
  2. Earthing contact
    35 mm DIN rail
  3. Remote monitoring
    thanks to optional remote signalling transmitter and receiver unit
  4. Caps
    for unused signal lines
  5. LifeCheck indication
    for visual status recognition
  6. Fail-open failure mode
    the signal remains available
  7. Measuring sockets
    for easy maintenance
  8. Release button
    for the connection line


All the practical features and advantages of the new version of BLITZDUCTORconnect in a nutshell.

Previous solution:

Vergleich - BVT zu BCO
  • Width:
    27 mm (1.5 modules)
  • Connection:
    screw terminals
  • Earthing:
    via separate screw terminal
  • Nominal current:
    max. nominal current 7A@40°C
  • Failure mode:
    fail-short: signal interrupted after overload​


Vergleich - BCO zu BVT
  • Width:
    12 mm (2/3 modules)​
    more space in the switchgear cabinet
  • Connection:
    push-in connection terminals
    quicker, safer line connection
  • Earthing:
    earthing contact directly via the DIN rail
    less time spent on wiring
  • Nominal current:
    max. nominal current 10A@80°C
    universal use and high performance
  • Failure mode:
    fail-open: signal available after overload​
    enhanced protection and continuous availability

  • Status indication:
    easy maintenance
  • Monitoring:
    system compatible with the DRC IRCM monitoring unit

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