Test Laboratories

DEHN features highly specialized laboratories, where we can simulate the parameters of lightning effects.  This allows us to test and analyse all of the installations and systems we offer, and to assess their safety against the effects caused by lightning.

Our engineering and test services include:

  • Testing components of external lightning protection systems, conductors, and earth electrodes
  • System tests for various components within wind turbines, photovoltaic systems and mobile radio stations
  • Lightning current tests for electrical and electronic systems, as well as low-voltage distribution boards
  • Testing of lightning current and surge arresters

Testing of customized solutions

Is your electrical installation already protected by a customized solution and you require further tests?  We can test whether your installation is capable of carrying impulse currents, and the results will be documented in a test resort.  We can also adjust your system in order to make it more up to date.

Testing in line with national and international standards

We perform all of our tests within national and international systems.  Because we have worked with a variety of standardization committees, our employees are always familiar with the latest standards, and have knowledge of technology.  Because of this, you should be confident in our ability to work with the most modern devices, and also share our knowledge of the current situation with standardization committees.

Brochures (PDF format):