Covering all aspects of lightning and surge protection

DEHN Inc. is the USA and Caribbean subsidiary for DEHN + SOEHNE. At DEHN Inc. we focus on solutions for lightning and surge related problems as they apply to the North American market. These solutions include education, technical assistance, and products. Our company is made up of highly trained engineers and staff, who are ready and competent to assist you in the design, specification and proper installation of lightning and surge protection systems for your business.

DEHN continually works to improve and develop new products and technologies for increasing the integrity and reliability of modern electrical & communication systems. These systems are more complex in regards to their electrical loads, including process control, computer and telecommunication systems, solid state controllers and relays. These commonplace systems require quality lightning and surge protection to function properly and safely, and DEHN provides effective and efficient products and solutions.

DEHN Inc. takes the best practices from the European roots of our parent company, DEHN + SOEHNE and applies them to the IEEE and NEC standards of the USA. Combining the best technologies from international and domestic markets, you can be sure that you are receiving the best in breed of products and technologies applied to your specific application. The team at DEHN Inc. serves on USA technical Standards committees in order to further the knowledge and technology in the fields of lightning and surge protection.

All products warehoused in our Florida headquarters are manufactured under a rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Protection System.