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International Lightning Safety Day 2021

In the spirit of International Lightning Safety Day 2021 –
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Because lightning zaps energy.

As an industry expert for power grids, DEHN offers special protection solutions ranging from power generation to power distribution.

As your global market leader for lightning protection, surge solutions, earthing and safety equipment, DEHN’s mission is to protect lives, property and material assets. And with the challenges of improving lightning safety in the built environment always changing, our innovative solutions are routinely tested to meet the demands of a complex world. When it comes to lightning, unprotected is unsustainable.

We wrote the book, literally.

Confused about lightning protection?
DEHN puts information about design, installation, lightning current values, materials, components, surge protection and safety standards at your fingertips. For three decades, DEHN’s LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE has served as the industry benchmark for the practical understanding of lightning and surge protection for buildings, installations and systems. Our nearly 500 page guide covers topics ranging from characteristic lightning parameters to over 34 practical applications for LPS components and surge protective devices—a comprehensive reference for non-specialists and experienced experts, alike.

Design with lightning in mind.

Building codes set minimum standards which may not take lightning into account. When DEHN protection resources are included in product work scopes, specifications and check-lists, a higher level of quality assurance and value-engineering is met for maximum building resilience. Looking to learn more? Check out our comprehensive support services and contact a DEHN representative to learn how you can maximize sustainability and safety by designing with lightning in mind.

Proven solutions. No compromises on safety.

We’ve made it our mission to provide world class solutions to safeguard people, building installations and systems against the devastating effects of lightning. DEHN is the industry’s experienced and trusted lightning protection expert, and our track record proves it.

  • Fourth generation family-owned company started in 1910.
  • Worldwide network of 1,900 employees in 70+ countries.
  • More than 4,000 tested products and components.
  • Industry leader in LPS innovation and surge patents.
  • Dedicated R&D, Quality Control and Construction Department.

Proud partner with LPI.

As an approved Class I Manufacturer Company with representation on the LPI Board of Directors, DEHN is helping to advance the art and science of proven and effective lightning protection to safeguard people, property and structures against a leading weather risk.

DEHN protects. Two words, one promise.

Let the world’s demonstrated leader in protection solve your costly lightning problems. When it comes to quality products and engineering expertise, DEHN always delivers.


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