DEHN protects biogas plants
DEHN protects biogas plants

Protection of biogas plants

The foundation for the economic success of a biogas plant is already laid at the beginning of the design stage. The same applies to the selection of suitable and cost-effective protection measures to prevent lightning and surge damage. 

To this end, a risk analysis must be performed in line with the EN/IEC 62305- 2 standard (risk management). An important aspect of this analysis is to prevent or limit a hazardous explosive atmosphere (see the German Technical Rules for operational safety/hazardous substances, TRBS 2152-2). If the formation of an explosive atmosphere cannot be prevented by primary explosion protection measures, secondary explosion protection measures must be taken to prevent ignition of this atmosphere. These secondary measures include a lightning protection system.

Risk analysis helps creating a comprehensive protection concept

The class of LPS depends on the result of the risk analysis. A lightning protection system according to class of LPS II meets the usual requirements for hazardous areas. If the risk analysis provides a different result or the protection goal cannot be achieved by means of the defined lightning protection system, additional measures must be taken to reduce the overall risk.

DEHN offers comprehensive solutions to reliably prevent potential ignition sources causes by a lightning strike.

  • Lightning protection/earthing
  • Isolated lightning protection
  • Equipotential bonding
  • Surge protection for power supply systems
  • Surge protection for data systems

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