Protecting Water Wastewater Plants

DEHN protects wastewater plants

Well heads and central processing plants found in water production and wastewater processing sites are susceptible to lightning and surge events.  It is important to protect them as these events can range from disruptive at the least to damaging at the worst for your system.

As a company or utility involved in water production or wastewater treatment systems, you have invested a lot of time and money into making sure these systems run efficiently – and for good reason, because many of these systems have a large population depending on them for consistent service.  Besides this population base, health and safety risks could occur if the systems are not running properly.

Furthermore, many of these systems depend on sensitive electronic equipment.  The combination of the intricacies of the systems and the importance of them means that an efficient lightning and surge protection system should be installed in the facility.

The lightning and protection systems for water protection and wastewater treatment systems should be incorporated into the site’s construction, and feature an intermeshed earthing or grounding system.  Ideally, these grounding systems should be designed by the engineering firm or department creating the design.  Along with this grounding system, strategically placed and appropriately designed and installed surge arresters should be added to ensure the best defense against lightning and surge events. 

DEHN, Inc has great experience and knowledge in protecting water production and wastewater sites, and has products designed to protect the automation & control systems and power systems.  DEHN, Inc. can help design a custom system for your property.


DEHN Solutions for Robust Water Wastewater Protection

1 DEHNcube AC Series

Compact prewired Surge Protection solution with high SCCR and surge current ratings for all UL applications featuring thermal disconnect technology in a NEMA4X enclosure. Ideal for industrial systems, controllers, drives or any external applications.

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1 DEHNguard Series

DEHNguard series with its modular DINrail design is the perfect choice to protect electrical systems and gear. The installation of the DEHNguard does not require any additional overcurrent protection and fits perfectly inside any control cabinet.

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The pluggable multipole DIN rail mounted surge arresters – universally usable for protecting measuring and control circuits, bus systems or telecommunication systems.

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1 DEHNpatch Series

DEHNpatch can be easily installed in new installations or retrofitted into existing installations. Fulfilling the requirements of Category 6, DEHNpatch can be universally used for all data services up to nominal voltages of 57 V.

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1 DEHNgate Series

SPD suitable for remote supply with exchangeable gas discharge tube. Long endurance due to minimum contact erosion resulting from the large-area contact surface of the gas discharge tube

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1 DEHNpipe Series

Flameproof SPD with an energy-coordinated Low-capacitance protective circuit for protecting measuring circuits and bus systems in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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