HVI<sup>®</sup> Lightning Protection System
HVI Lightning Protection

Keeping separation distances is easy

Our experience is more than convincing – Flexibility and safety on the highest level since 2003

With the high-voltage-resistant, insulated conductors of the HVI system, it is easy to keep separation distances. The lightning current carrying core of these conductors is coated with insulating material in such a way that the required separation distance to other conductive structural features or electric lines and pipes is easily maintained. There are no further measures required.


More and more important for modern buildings: Appearance and design

HVI Conductors can be installed behind the façade, HVI Conductors with grey sheathing can even be painted the same color as the building. For you this means: optimal adjustment to the architecture of the building and completely new design possibilities.

HVI lightning protection – Your benefits at a glance

  • Keep separation distances
    You install directly next to conductive structural parts or electric lines or pipes
  • Easy to mount
    With the modular components and special tools, such as the HVI-Strip, mounting is safe, quick and easy
  • Integration in the architecture of the building
    The grey HVI Conductor and the HVI light Conductor can be painted the desired colour
  • Flexible when retrofitting
    Subsequent installation on the roof is possible WITHOUT adapting the lightning protection system
  • Use in Ex areas
    For Ex zone 2 and 22: All HVI versions
    For Ex zone 1 and 21: HVI and HVI power

Simple selection

Which HVI Conductor is used where?

Choose the appropriate products according to the separation distance.

HIV light S ≤ 45 cm
©Photo: DEHN

HVI light

S ≤ 45 cm | HVI light

HVI conductor S ≤ 75 cm
©Photo: DEHN

HVI Conductor

S ≤ 75 cm | HVI Conductor

S ≤ 90 cm HVI®power
©Photo: Blitzschutz Kunz, Saarbrücken

HVI power

S ≤ 90 cm | HVI power

Special software for easy calculation

Tip: You want to save time? Calculating separation distances is quick and easy with the DEHNsupport Toolbox software. It facilitates the numerous calculations required for a professional lightning protection system. Alongside the calculation of separation distances, you will also find modules on the themes risk management, length of air-termination rods, length of earth electrodes and product selection.

Variable sealing end in HVI Lightning Protection

Rigid specifications concerning the separation distance are a thing of the past. You are much more flexible during installation and save valuable space on the roof.


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