LPI Membership
Lightning Protection Institute – LPI Class I Manufacturer Member Company

DEHN, Inc. is excited to partner with the LPI

As an approved Class I Manufacturer Company with representation on the LPI Board of Directors, DEHN looks forward to advancing the art and science of safe and effective lightning protection to safeguard people, property and structures against a leading weather risk.


DEHN Representive on LPI Board of Directors

Mark Hendricks
Technical Director
Phone: +1 509 981 9967
E-Mail: [email protected]



Since 1910 DEHN has protected the world's infrastructure from the devastating effects of lightning, by providing quality services, products and innovation in the global lightning protection industry.

DEHN's comprehensive line of lightning- and surge protection solutions maintain a proven track record of reducing risk and successfully mitigating the unpredictable, dangerous and costly consequences of lightning.

DEHN, Inc. is a proud partner with the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) and supports the organization's mission of advocating lightning protection education, awareness and safety. As an approved LPI Class I Manufacturer Member, DEHN lends its vast legacy of industry knowledge and resources to further the science and effiicacy of lightning protection systems and surge protection solutions for the built environment.


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