Production Facilities

Maximum safety and availability at any time

In order to keep production facilities within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry safe, lightning and surge protection systems must be in place and capable of being fully monitored and directly controlled.  This is especially true for systems within the production line that deal with safety, such as emergency shutdown systems, gas detectors, fire alarm systems or escape route lighting.

The lightning and surge protection associated with these systems must consistently monitor them to protect against the failure of associated sensors and actuators.  This includes all of the measures required to implement an efficient lightning protection concept – everything from the earth-termination system and external lightning protection systems to suitable lightning current and surge arrestors tailored to the field of application and terminal equipment they are protecting.

Besides lightning and surge safety for the technology within the production facility, safety measures should also be taken for workers as well.  Personal protective equipment and safety devices for work on electrical installations are an indispensable part of production facility safety as well.

DEHN offers innovative solutions to provide the maximum amount of safety you are looking for, ranging from earth-termination systems to arc-fault-tested protective equipment.  Contact us today to learn more.


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