Radio base station - a.c. power supply

Protection of the radio base station

The radio base station is typically supplied by a separate line – irrespective of the rest of the building. The supply line to the cell site downstream of the meter and in the a.c. sub-distribution board upstream of the radio base station should be protected by adequate lightning current and surge arresters. This is required by the guidelines of all network operators, the German “ABB bulletin No. 16” as well as DIN VDE 0800-300 or IEC 62305.

DEHNvap schützt Mobilfunkanlagen vor Überspannungen

Preventing false tripping of system fuses

The infrastructure in main and system power supplies is protected by proven combined arresters (combined lightning current and surge arresters). DEHN combined arresters are characterised by an extremely high follow current extinguishing and limitation capability, thus preventing false tripping of system fuses which would disconnect the cell sites. This leads to an extremely high system availability.

DEHNvap particularly for cell sites

DEHNvap CSP was specifically designed for the requirements in the mobile radio sector. This arrester can be universally used irrespective of the power system. Thanks to its integrated 3+1 circuit, it reliably protects TN-S and TT systems.

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Product overview
DEHNvap - Kombiableiter zum Schutz von MobilfunkanlagenDEHNvap CSP

Modular and prewired combined arrester, energy-coordinated with power supply systems for cell sites

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