Mounting Bracket for Installation on Rafters

For the lateral fixing of
  • HVI light plus Conductor routed in the supporting tube (Ø40 mm)
  • HVI Conductor routed inside the supporting tube (Ø50 mm)
  • And to attach and fix the supporting tubes and for the sub-roof installation of the HVI Conductor or HVI light plus Conductor.
The roof rafter bracket can be installed on suitable, stable substructures.The roof rafter bracket is designed for up to 320 Nm torque.Mount the bracket from outside and screw it directly on the rafters or on the counter battens.The roof rafter bracket cannot be used with on-roof insulation and only conditionally with plain tiles.Note: Mounting conditions on site must be clarified with the builder.

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Part No. 105240 DASH D48 AS600.750 STTZN

GTIN 4013364135116, Customs tariff No.: 73089098, Gross weight: 7.23 kg, PU: 1.00 pc(s)


Additional information

Mounting bracket for installation on rafters, St/tZn
Mounting bracket for installation on rafters for fastening air-termination rods and supporting tubes.
With cable gland for DEHNconductor systems (incl. fixing screws)
Material: St/tZn
Adjustment range: 600-750 mm
Roof inclination: 20-50°
Diameter Ø of supporting tube: 48 mm
Diameter Ø of cable bushing in supporting tube: 25 mm

Brand: DEHN
Type: DASH D48 AS600.750 STTZN
Part No.: 105240
or equivalent.


Technical data

Material St/tZn
Adjustment range 600-750 mm
Roof inclination 20-50°
Diameter Ø of supporting tube 48 mm
Fixing screw l 8 x 120 mm

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