Welcome to the DEHN Konfigurator to help select the right SPDs to fit your electrical power and data applications. A few easy clicks gets you to the right AC surge protector and then the right data protectors and finally a perfect fit enclosure for you installation. You get what you need, where it should be installed and the diagrams to show how to install it.

Single Phase

One Line & N/G Bond
120 V 240 V

Split Phase

Two Lines with Center Tap N/G Bond
120/240 V 240/480 V

High Leg

Three Lines with Center Tap N/G Bond
120 V 120/208 V 277/480 V


Three Lines & Neutral & Ground
120/208 V 277/480 V 480 V 347/600 V


Three Lines & Ground
240 V 480 V

Total width: 0.00 in