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With our participation in dual-track study programmes, close cooperation with universities and a wide range of opportunities for students, graduands and doctoral candidates (internships, scientific work) we offer young talents a wide range of opportunities to launch a career at DEHN.

Write your bachelor’s, master’s or diploma thesis in our company. This will ideally complement your theoretical studies. We offer curious and committed students comprehensive theoretical and practical support, experience and access to resources. This ensures that you successfully complete your thesis, after all, we want to profit from your work. We are particularly looking for students of electrical and mechanical engineering!

We fulfil our social responsibility by supporting a national scholarship programme (Deutschlandstipendium).

As a result of our close cooperation with the Ilmenau University of Technology, we decided to finance the newly founded professorship in lightning and surge protection in 2011.

Markus Götz
My dual-track studies offers a perfect mix of theory and professional experience. During semester breaks, DEHN gives me the opportunity to see and learn a lot of new things – and I earn my own money!

Markus Götz

M.SC. (electrical engineering)

Our R&D/Construction Department develops new lightning and surge protection products. Its tasks include the supervision and further development of series-produced components as well as the new development of future device generations. These tasks can be divided into sub-tasks which can be used as subject for your thesis or internship.

Interns will receive a monthly salary.

Electrical engineering students

What we expect of electrical engineering students:

  • Ongoing electrical engineering or information technology studies
  • Experience with high-voltage technology as well as measuring and test equipment
  • Experience with electrical measuring equipment, particularly for transient voltages and currents
  • Knowledge of programs for simulating electrical circuits 
  • Interest in high-frequency measuring equipment, data transmission, programming

Other tasks may include resolving data transmission problems (analogue and digital transmission) as well as programming in the most common languages.

Mechanical engineering students

What we expect  of mechanical engineering students (examples):

  • Development, design and calculation of components and devices
  • Specification and optimisation of the stability and temperature resistance of existing and new components
  • Testing of new production technologies

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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Your contact

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