Safety for hydrogen systems

Hydrogen is a key component of the energy revolution and is therefore attracting more and more attention from industry. This chemical element is more flammable than other gases, however, and there is a high risk of explosion when handling it. For this reason, system operators are obliged to develop and implement a comprehensive protection concept.

Standard-compliant lightning
and surge protection

A holistic protection concept includes external lightning protection, surge protection and earthing/equipotential bonding. With regard to surges and lightning strikes, Ex zones and Ex system parts must be taken into account. This ensures system availability and the protection of people in the vicinity. The two technical rules TRGS 751 and TRGS 723 are relevant for determining and minimising the dangers and consequences of a lightning strike. Take suitable measures to protect potentially explosive atmospheres in zones 0 and 1, as well as system parts into which lightning can strike directly or where partial lightning currents or surges are to be expected. Examples of this are vent stacks, chimneys, aboveground tanks and pipelines. As a partner to the hydrogen industry, we offer you comprehensive protection concepts for hazardous areas.

Hydrogen fuel station

Comprehensive protection solutions against lightning and surges to ensure the operation of hydrogen fuel stations in public areas and to guarantee the safety of people.

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Recommended products

Equipotential bonding bar PAS EX

For use in Ex zones 1/21 and 2/22. All connections are secured against self-loosening by means of spring washers.

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The universal combined arrester protects measuring and control circuits and bus and telecommunication systems in an industrial context from damage caused by lightning and surges.

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Bro­chure More safety in hazardous areas Equi­potential bonding in potentially explosive areas .pdf 1.6 MB
Bro­chure DEHNconcept Planning Service for lightning and surge protection systems .pdf 1.1 MB
Bro­chure Isolated and insulated lightning protection Correct design and dimensioning .pdf 3.0 MB
Bro­chure HVI and HVI power Conductor for Ex zones 1 and 21 The safe solution for protecting systems in hazardous areas from lightning strikes .pdf 29.8 MB
Bro­chure Reliable Power for the Industry­ Arc Fault Protection System DEHNshort .pdf 1.6 MB

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