Wireless inspection camera

    New for the North American Market (USA and Canada). Safe and reliable visual inspections via WiFi to a smartphone or tablet

    DEHNcheck portable inspection camera can be safely used in electrical installations up to 123 kV/15-60 Hz for regular visual inspections and for documenting condition status.

    • Fast and reliable reading of name and rating plates of electric switches or transformers
    • Early detection of loose contacts, connections or broken electric parts, e.g. insulators
    • Visual check of pollutants (dust, dirt, leaks) on electrical equipment
    • 18.2 Megapixel Photos for documentation purposes.
    • 10x Optical zoom for high quality/resolution imagery.

    Drahtlose Kamera zum Einsatz direkt zwischen spannungsführenden Teilen der Anlage


    Saves time and costs – No disconnection required

    The installation does not have to be disconnected as required by the 5 safety rules. This means:

    • No downtime - The installation is operational
    • Less time for the installer

    Easy operation – Safe use

    Kontrolle einfach per WiFi

    Especially practical: The camera can be controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet. It is thus intuitively operated – without requiring time-consuming training. The photos are wirelessly transmitted via a WiFi connection. In combination with the extendable insulating sticks from DEHN, the camera maintains the required safety distance and ensures that you are located outside the live working zone. The flexible operating head allows to reach and document areas of the installation which are difficult to access.

    File your photos and films or forward them quickly and easily to your colleagues via smartphone or tablet.

    Flyer PDF: DEHNcheck inspection camera for installations up to 123 kV [0.4 MB]