Webinar Recap: EasyPower - Surge Protection Measures and NEC Requirements

This webinar, given by Mark Hendricks, Technical Director at DEHN Inc, provides a detailed review of the applications where surge protective devices (SPDs) are required to be installed on the electrical distribution system in order to meet the National Electric Code. Over the past several code cycles, the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70, NEC), has added sections requiring that surge protective devices (SPDs) SHALL be used on all dwellings, wind generation systems (Article 694), emergency systems (Article 700) and power systems impacting homeland security (article 708). 

Article 708 covering mission critical homeland security systems further requires a risk assessment and mitigation plan for meteorological hazards such as lightning. This is a continuing and ongoing process of recognizing the importance of lightning and surge protection for critical services and for facilities which although not critical, are at above average risk for loss of life or property due to lightning.