Tear off screw
Maxi MV clamp with tear-off screw

The Maxi MV clamp makes work much easier

Save time on site

Welding is no longer necessary. You don't even need a torque wrench. Any conventional wrench can be used for safe and secure installation because the screw head simply tears off at a pre-defined clamping force.

So you save time and manpower.

A further advantage: Correctly mounted clamps do not have to be marked. This facilitates documentation and prevents application errors.


Developed for industrial requirements
The Maxi MV clamp with tear-off screw is designed to meet high demands such as those to be found in industrial buildings, nuclear power plants and military applications. It fulfills international standards according to IEC 62561-1 (Lightning protection system components – LPSC).

Video - in English

This is how it’s done

See for yourself how simply and quickly the work can be done. No more welding means more safety for employees.


Installation comparison
The comparison of mounting with the Maxi MV clamp and the conventional mounting method reveals an amazing time advantage which is yours to be had.


Your benefits at a glance

Tear-off screw

  • Reliable mounting quality due to constant tightening torque and defined clamping force
  • Easy mounting as no torque wrench is needed
  • Huge time saving compared with exothermic welding
  • No harmful welding fumes to put the installer at risk
  • Tried and tested technique (e.g., used in French nuclear power plants)
  • No environmental risk
  • Defined clamping force
Maxi MV-Klemme Montage
Safe mounting with a conventional wrench

Simply tighten the screw...

Especially practical: All that is needed for safe installation is a conventional wrench.

Maxi MV-Klemme montiert
Mounted Maxi MV clamp

... the head tears off - all done!

The screw head simply tears off at a pre-defined clamping force.

In direct comparison

Welding Maxi MV clamp
Permanent connection
Mounting time 16 min 30 s
Consistent installation quality -
Environment-friendly -
No specific mounting equipment needed -
No preparation of the connection necessary -
No welding expert needed -
No risk of harmful welding smoke for the operator -
Mounting during rain possible -

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