Storage Facilities and Tanks

There are a lot of ways to describe the different chemicals or pharmaceutical products found in production facilities – flammable, toxic, corrosive, explosive, or dangerous for the environment are a few.  Because of this, storage of these products can be tricky – but proper storage is also crucial for the safety of the environment, as well as for the people working in and around the production site.

Safety measures such as fire and explosion protection measures must be taken within these environments with high hazard potential in order to ensure personal and environmental protection. Based on a risk assessment, different avenues can be chosen to accomplish the protection goals.

DEHN can provide many of these different avenues to clients – everything from protection devices to help prevent the risk of ignition in the case of a lightning strike, to surge protection measures that ensure fire fighting and cooling systems are in working order. Contact us today to assess the risks in your business and develop a lightning and surge protection safety system that will work for you.


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