Residential Buildings

DEHN protects residential buildings


Protection of Values

Many different electronic devices are used in modern residential buildings, including TVs, satellite receivers, kitchen appliances, washing machines and stereos, as well as lightning or alarm systems.  Surges can be fatal to electronic devices – and with costs ranging into the thousands of dollars, isn’t it important to have these items protected?  At DEHN, we realize the importance of protecting both the system and terminal equipment associated with these electronic devices.

System Protection

Systems associated with residential electronic equipment include PV systems, telephone lines, cables for television, and power supplies for external lighting.  Meters and circuit distributors are often housed in the same enclosure, and DEHNventil can be used to protect these from even direct lightning strikes.  The BLITZDUCTOR XT system can be used to protect telephone connections, as well as DSL lines and heating controls.  DEHNrail is also used in some cases to protect heating controls, and DEHNguard modular surge arresters can be installed to further protect distribution boards.

Protection of Terminal Equipment

It is important to protect against surges at the place of input in terminal equipment.  This includes video and stereo systems, alarm systems, TVs, fire alarms and CCTV equipment.  The cascaded use of surge protective devices at the point of input can protect these electrical installations – and, many times, it costs less than what is expected.

DEHN protects residential buildings

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