Office and Administration Buildings

Surge protection solutions for office and administration buildings

Protection against lightning and surges is crucial for office and administrative buildings.  After all, a surge could cause disruptions or loss of data within the computers, servers and networks within a company.  The loss of time in restoring the server, as well as loss of data, is unacceptable and can often times hurt the profit margin of the company.  Communication systems such as telephones and faxes are equally important, and it is crucial to ensure that they will operate fault-free even during thunderstorms.  DEHN offers surge protection for both power supply systems and communication systems.

Protection of Power Supply Systems

DEHN has a variety of surge arresters that can be used to protect power supply systems, including the DEHNventil modular and the DEHNguard modular.  Terminal equipment can also be protected by the DEHNrail modular, DEHN safe, or SFL Protector, which are arresters that help reduce voltage and switch overvoltages to a safe level.

Reliable Communication

As mentioned, communication systems are an important part of any business.  Adequate surge protection is needed to ensure they operate safely.  A combination of NET Protector LSA 4 TP and DEHNpatch can be used to protect HUBs, bridges, switches and terminal equipment within a communication system.

DPG equipotential bonding enclosures can also be used to protect information technology lines that extend beyond the interior of the building.

Surge Protection for Building Automation Systems

While protecting computers, networks and phone lines is crucial for the building, maintaining building automation systems is important as well.  For example, the failure of an air-conditioning system could cause the eventual overheating and shut down of servers.  Bus systems can be protected by BUStector, DEHNconnect or BLITZDUCTOR XT. 

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