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DEHN protects the gas industry

Lightning and surge protection for the gas industry

Lightning strikes and transient overvoltages present a risk to the sensitive systems and components used in the gas industry. In today’s competitive environment system failure is a real threat. So, reduce cost-intensive operational disturbances and minimise down-time.

With a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept you can optimise the continuous operation of gas pipelines, natural gas compressor stations and gas, pressure control and measurement systems.

Info for system operators

I know that I need lightning and surge protection and earthing but what exactly does that entail? Are any examples available? What do the others do? How can I protect my staff?... and how can I secure my investment?

Here you can find the latest information on the relevant standards and regulations, practical solutions for gas pipelines, natural gas compressor stations and gas pressure control and measurement systems as well as reference projects.

Info for planning engineers

For a precise risk assessment, I need reliable sources of information which provide me with well-prepared material.

Here you will find tender specifications, data sheets, white papers and product macros.

You don’t have the time? DEHNconcept makes it possible for you to outsource the complete “lightning and surge protection” area and have the planning done for you.

Info for plant construction and cathodic protection firms

Plans are all very well but the reality on the ground often looks quite different. That being the case, I need all the relevant data quickly and reliably. Where can I download info? Is the solution compatible with the existing system? How can I test the components? Is there a hotline where I can speak to a specialist?

Here you can find data sheets, installation instructions, certificates, 3D data, info on testing regulations and test installation, field reports … and of course personal contact with the technical support team.

Info for appraisers

In order to evaluate a design, I often have to fall back on the original data. It is important for me to have a page where I can quickly and easily find the right files to download.

Here you can get installation instructions, data sheets, testing guidelines, certificates … all clearly laid out and visible at a glance.


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