Corporate Information

I have never heard of DEHN before, who is DEHN?

DEHN,Inc. is the wholly owned subsidiary of 100 year old DEHN + Söhne of Neumarkt, Germany.  Relatively new to the United States market but no stranger to the international market, Venture Development Corp in it 2008 market report ranked DEHN as the number one lightning & surge protection vendor in Asia, Europe and the Middle East markets.

What types of products does DEHN offer?

DEHN offers an extensive line of lightning & surge protection products for low and medium voltage systems.  These include products for AC and DC power systems, automation and control circuits, RF antennas, coax cable, ethernet, telephone and many more. Specialty products address industry specific applications in Wind Energy, PV and Solar Power Systems to name just a few.

DEHN offers Safety products that include personal safety gear, grounding cables & accessories, specialized test & maintenance equipment. 

Also, DEHN offers external lightning protection and grounding products. All catalogues are available through the web.

Technical Questions

What is the difference between lightning protection and surge protection?

This is a topic that can get quite lengthy in discussion.  Think of lightning protection as a means to protect equipment, facilities and people from the effects of nearby or direct lightning events.  Whereas, surge protection provides protection to equipment from the effects of more distant lightning events and/or power system anomalies. In purely scientific terms, lightning can be described by a waveform of 10/350µs, while surges are described by an 8/20µs.  Many domestic companies only design products capable of handling surge waveforms, while some European companies, DEHN included, design products capable of handling lightning waveforms.

Are DEHN products UL listed?

DEHN products for the US marketplace are UL listed under the new ANSI/UL 1449 3rd edition standard.  Please check with DEHN, Inc. to verify which models carry a UL listing.