DEHN schützt Busladestationen vor Schäden durch Blitze und Überspannungen
DEHN protects bus charging stations

Future-proof protection solutions for e-mobility

More and more municipal utility companies are developing new mobility concepts. In this process, they are often replacing their diesel buses with electric buses.

In this scenario, lightning, surges and arc faults represent a wholly new challenge. They pose a risk to availability and seamless operation.

In order for the bus schedules to be adhered to and to ensure the safety of the system, operations and people, a professional protection concept is imperative. For seamless operation and maximum customer satisfaction.

So that everything runs reliably.

Ensure operations

What can happen? The damage caused by lightning, surges and arc faults is diverse.

It ranges from operational disruptions, such as cancellations and delays, to damage to the vehicle and even the charging infrastructure.

All in all: financial damage and harm to one's image that must be prevented.

The aim is to protect installations, vehicles and employees

Specifically, this means taking measures that

  • Protect the charging infrastructure of depot charging and opportunity charging
  • Protect employees during maintenance or in the event of a fault
  • Protect conductive charging systems or pantograph charging systems and, when doing so, also keep an eye on the information and communication technologies


These are complex issues that represent wholly new challenges even to the experts.

What are the correct protection measures?

The relevant standards already provide many specifications. You can find an overview of which products are suitable for your protection concept on this page.

If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our experts in technical support.

And, if you want to dive really deep into the subject, make use of our DEHNacademy. With seminars that are attended in person or online, or with Web-based training sessions, for flexible personal study.

What is a holistic protection concept?

In order to protect the complex system of charging infrastructure and vehicles as best as possible from damage caused by lightning, surges and arc faults, coordinated measures are necessary.

External lightning protection

Äußerer Blitzschutz mit DEHN

For roofed areas and building structures

The external lightning protection system is positioned so that the entire installation is located in the protected volume. In the event of a direct lightning strike, the lightning current is safely channelled away into the earthing system through the down conductors without dangerous sparking arising

Surge protection

Überspannungsschutz mit DEHN

For power and data cables

In charging stations, low-voltage main distribution boards and in control and communication technology systems.

For the protection of sensitive components in the charging infrastructure and for the connected electric bus.

Equipotential bonding earthing

Potentialausgleich mit DEHN

For the entire installation

Low-impedance, intermeshed earth-termination system

The lightning current is spread into the ground in a controlled fashion; dangerous surges are reduced. Step and touch voltages that are dangerous for people are prevented.

Arc fault protection

Störlichtbogenschutz mit DEHN

For people and installation

Maximum personal safety: with arc-fault-tested personal protective equipment.

Maximum system protection and optimum availability: with an active arc fault protection system for use in a low-voltage switchgear installation.

Surge protection for charging infrastructure

With these products, you protect the charging infrastructure and the vehicles that are in the process of being charged from damage caused by surges.

Surge protection concept for e-mobility bus charging stations

DEHNconcept planning service

The reality is that planning charging infrastructure is generally very complex. The topic of lightning protection is just one aspect in this regard.

Save yourself time and make use of the DEHNconcept planning service. Have the risk analysis or the entire protection concept created as a module.

Make planning easy

The class of LPS on which the protection concept is based is frequently determined by the building regulations.

If this is not the case, it is calculated in a risk analysis as part of risk management.
You can also commission this calculation as a module.


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