Surge protection whatever the weather - DEHNpatch outdoor

NEW! The world’s most advanced Ethernet/PoE protection in a ruggedized, waterproof aluminum enclosure.

IP66Industrial environments can be harsh places. Power generation stations, water treatment facilities, petrochemical sites and heavy industrial manufacturing require tough, durable network infrastructure and components to minimize downtime.

Introducing the DEHNpatch Outdoor. The performance and reliability of the DEHNpatch Ethernet/PoE protection in an enclosure guaranteed to operate under extreme conditions.

DEHNpatch outdoor, the next generation in protecting America’s infrastructure.

Optimum Protection for use in Outdoor or Industrial applications.

  • IP / PTZ security and process cameras
  • Wireless Access Points (WAP) / Point to Point (PTP/PTMP) Communications Systems
  • Remote Computer Terminals (RCT) / Point of Sale (POS) systems    
  • Door Access / Locking Systems, Intercoms, Emergency Phone / Call Boxes
  • LCD / Digital Signage Displays
  • Industrial Networking and Automation
Protection in outdoor applications - DEHNpatch


Designed to make field installation quick and easy. DEHNpatch outdoor comes complete with lid secured to body housing via the grounding cable and captivated enclosure screws to make dropped objects a thing of the past.

Cable sealing
Cable sealing grommet also provides strain relief
Captivated housing screws
Housing screws are captivated to prevent loss during installation
Flexible mounting
Integrated mounting bracket for wall or pole installation

Download the installation instruction here.

DEHNpatch outdoor - Essential protection in severe environments

DEHNpatch outdoor - Your advantages

  • Protects 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet networks. IEEE 802.3 compatible. Protects all 8 wires.
  • NEMA 4X / IP 66 Indoor/outdoor. UL 497 compliant.
  • Hybrid design Lightning LEMP (4kA 10/350us) and Surge EMC Protector (10kA 8/20us).
  • Shielded RJ45 Jacks with thermoplastic split grommets to seal the cable entry and provide strain relief to the cable. 2 sizes included.
  • Quick and Easy to install with integrated pole/wall mount bracket. (additional hardware optional).
  • Minimizes dropped object hazard (OSHA) during installation as lid screws are captivated and lid is tethered to body

Bulletproof Performance

In addition to it's high performance surge protection characteristics, it also withstands intentional vandalism. In an impromptu test, DEHNpatch Outdoor was shot from 15 yards with 12 gauge shotgun and survived with little more than surface blemishes to the cover. Ice/snow, wind/rain, extreme heat/cold and the occasional rogue hunter are not enough to stop the DEHNpatch Outdoor from protecting your valuable installation.