DEHNpatch outdoor robust und wasserdicht
DEHNpatch outdoor robust and waterproof

Ethernet/PoE protector in a waterproof aluminium enclosure

DEHNpatch outdoor, the new complete unit comprising surge protection and an outdoor enclosure protects your surveillance cameras, PoE++/4PPoE and other GBit Ethernet applications with a lightning current discharge capacity of in total 4 kA (10/350 µs).


Optimum protection for use in outdoor or industrial applications

No more messing about at the top of a mast! DEHNpatch comes pre-installed in the IP66 enclosure – mounting it is extremely simple – bend the seal open, neatly insert the cable – finished.

You use pre-wired cables – the screws are captivated in the lid so they can't fall out ... and installation is as quick as a flash.

Fields of application for DEHNpatch outdoor

  • IP / PTZ camera systems
  • Wireless Access Points (WAP) / Point to Point (PTP/PTMP) communications systems
  • Remote Computer Terminals (RCT)    
  • Door access / locking systems, intercoms, emergency phone / call boxes
  • Digital LCD signage displays
  • Industrial networking and other automation systems

Flexible mounting

Montage - Leitung einstecken
Cable inserted neatly
Montage - Schrauben gesichert
Screws are captivated to prevent loss
Montage - flexibel montiert
Flexibly mounted

You are also flexible in terms of mounting. You decide whether to mount it on a pole or a wall, horizontally or vertically – all no problem at all thanks to the practical, universal mounting bracket.

In a nutshell: Your advantages with DEHNpatch

  • No EB conductor needed
    Equipotential bonding via the enclosure. If fastened to an earthed metal pole, no additional EB conductor is needed.
  • Screws fixed in place
    The enclosure screws are secured against falling out – especially advantageous when mounting.
  • Protection against moisture
    The integrated pressure equalising membrane prevents condensation in the enclosure.
  • High degree of protection
    The sealing prevents moisture from penetrating the enclosure (IP66)
  • Cover secured
    The two halves of the enclosure are securely linked by the EB conductor – this makes mounting easier because there are no loose parts to fall down.
  • Strain relief
    The pre-assembled cable is precisely sheathed. The plug stays securely in the socket even if there is strain on the cable.
  • Universal mounting bracket
    Can be mounted on a pole or a wall (horizontally or vertically)
  • Strain relief
    The pre-assembled cable is precisely sheathed. The plug stays securely in the socket even if there is tension on the cable.
  • Only ONE screwdriver needed
    Very practical: all screws can be tightened with a PH1 screwdriver. This saves mounting time.

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