DEHN protects
DEHN protects SAT systems

Compact surge protection for SAT systems

DEHNgate FF5 TV: This is how you protect SAT systems in buildings without external lightning protection.
Thanks to its compact design, the robust 5-channel arrester is suitable for universal application. In digital and analogue SAT systems as well as in terrestrial antenna systems. Shielding class A ensures optimum transmission quality.


The device is designed for 5 coaxial connections:
4 x SAT plus 1 x antenna. For you, this means you save time and money.


The arrester can be connected directly to the multi-switch.
You have to mount it on the wall? If it is not possible for you to install it directly on the multi-switch, there’s no need to worry. All the screws and dowels required for mounting it on the wall are included in the delivery scope, as is the preassembled equipotential bonding conductor. This saves installation time.

By the way: With this arrester, you also fulfil the requirements in DIN VDE 0100-443.

DEHNgate FF5 TV in a nutshell


  • Compact 5-channel arrester for SAT systems with terrestrial antenna
  • Lightning current tested 2.5 kA (10/350 µs) total discharge capacity
  • Class A shielding
  • Earthed directly via the enclosure
  • Including accessories (screws, dowels, EB conductor)

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