DEHNcare - Arc-fault-tested protective equipment

Protective suitEach and every day electrical work is carried out all over the world. The risk that technical defects, maloperation, pollution or foreign matter in the installation cause arc faults cannot be excluded. In the event of an electric arc, workers are exposed to temperatures of more than 18,000°F, resulting in severe burns.

Arc-fault-tested personal protective equipment consisting of:

  • Safety helmet for electricians with face shield
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective trousers and jacket/coat

protects against thermal effects.

According to the International Social Security Association and national regulations in the country of use, arc fault protection shall be taken into account for risk assessment. If there is an arc fault risk, employers shall ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to their employees and that it is used. Personal protective equipment must be tested and approved by an accredited certification body.

Personal protective equipment from DEHN is tested to international standards. Visors made of nanoparticles, gloves and neoprene and leather protective suits offer maximum protection and wearing comfort.