DEHN protects telecommunication interfaces

Compact arrester for DSL and VDSL

DEHNbox TC B 180 – Protects reliably with full data performance

Nobody wants to risk downtime and damage caused by lightning strikes and surges. TYPE 1 DEHNbox arresters protect DSL and VDSL connections and downstream terminal equipment in multi- and single-family houses.

Optimal and interference-free data transmission
A top priority in today's telecommunication systems.

DEHNbox ensures interference-free data transmission up to 1 Gbit. Even with current data transmission technologies such as VVDSL, (S)VVDSL and

Constant signal availability

During maintenance, you can see at a glance whether the arrester is operational. This is ensured by the visual status indication.

Continuous availability is particularly important for telecommunication and smart home applications. To this end, DEHNbox has a fail-open function which means that the signal remains available even if the arrester fails, e.g. due to overload.


Benefit for the installer:

The practical push-in technology allows you to install the single lines without tools. The arrester itself is connected directly to the router via an RJ45 patch line or is installed downstream of the NT. No clamps, no cutting cables! This saves you time and keeps you flexible.

DEHNbox can be mounted in the multimedia panel in a space-saving way or directly on the wall.  When mounted on the wall, several protective devices can be joined together and mounted side-by-side. That is why DEHNbox is always the right choice, whether in single-family or multi-family houses.

1 Visual status indication 
Reliably informed at all times
2 Push-in terminals, input and output
Toolless connection of the signal cables
3 Several devices fixed and mounted together
Via slide-in dovetail connection

4 RJ45 socket at the output
Direct connection of the router via Ethernet patch line
5 Double equipotential bonding terminal
Up to 4 mm2
6 Remove/ snap in enclosure cover
Easily and without tools
7  Wall-mounted
Using lugs

All the features at a glance

  • DEHNbox RJ45 Buchse
    RJ45 socket - At the output
  • DEHNbox Funktionsanzeige
    Visual status indication - green/red
  • DEHNbox Potentialausgleichsklemme
    Equipotential bonding terminal - Up to 4 mm2
  • DEHNbox Push-in-Klemme
    Push-in terminals - At the input and output = Toolless installation
  • DEHNbox Steckverbindung
    Slide-in dovetail connection - For fixing and mounting several devices
  • DEHNbox Laschen zur Wandmontage
    Lug for wall mounting
  • DEHNbox - mehrere Geräte in Reihe
    Protection of stranded telecommunication lines, e.g. in multi-family dwellings

DEHNbox, type 1 surge protective device


Protect your IT systems from damage caused by lightning strikes and surges. Ensure data supply without loss of data rates. With the compact DEHNbox combined arrester.

Satisfied customers

What matters to customers is a reliable online connection.
To be able to use multimedia services, make phone calls and keep the smart home running.

Give your customers confidence in technology.

DEHNbox ensures continuous online availability and protects downstream terminal devices.


Have you got any questions? Contact us.


Phone: 877-927-6510

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