DEHN at weftec 2015

DEHN protects. Two words, a big promise.

The motto of our company has been both an obligation and an incentive since 1910 of our family-owned company. Headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, DEHN’s mission is to provide world class Lightning and Surge protection solutions for people, building installations and electrical/electronic devices and systems against the effects of lightning and surges. For the past 105 years, we have been leading the development in surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment, making DEHN the most experienced and trusted expert for a total protection concept.

DEHN Inc. is the USA and Caribbean subsidiary for DEHN SE + Co KG ( ISO 9001/14001 certified).  We focus on solutions for lightning and surge related problems as they apply to the North American market. These solutions include education, technical assistance, system design, risk assessments and site surveys in addition to product.

Our philosophy is to use best practices from the IEC and our experience globally and apply them to the USA IEEE and NEC standards. By combining the best technologies and processes from international and domestic markets, DEHN assures you receive the most comprehensive solution tailored to your specific application.

Companies involved in the water and wastewater industry depend on DEHN solutions to ensure these systems run efficiently and without fail, protecting the plant, people, equipment and the critical service water systems provide to the public and industry. Well heads and central processing plants found in water production and wastewater sites are highly susceptible to lightning (remote or exposed locations) and surge events (pump motors, electric valves, etc).  It is critical to protect the entire installation to provide uninterrupted service.

Critical Systems Include:

  • Telecontrol signal and power supplies used for flow and level measuring equipment. (Blitzductor family)
  • 4-20mA systems and power supplies used at sewer level monitoring devices (both standard (non EX) and intrinsically safe (Ex) applications). (Blitzductor, DEHNguard, DEHNpipe, both EX (class 1 div 2) and Non EX)
  • Surge protection for pH value and temperature measuring units. (Blitzductor, DEHNguard)
  • Profibus protection for flow measurement and control. (DEHNpipe)
  • Switchgear cabinets with PLCs and telecommunication monitoring systems. (Blitzductor, DEHNguard)
  • Cat 6 and POE protection for computer systems and IP Cameras used security and process monitoring. (DEHNpatch)
  • Equipotential earthing and bonding systems in harsh or corrosive environments. (HVI, stainless grounding and bonding kits)

Total solutions from DEHN can include

  • Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for AC, DC, Data, RF, and low level Signals.
  • External lightning protection and Equipotential Bonding products from the air termination to the isolated down conductor, all the way down to the earthing electrodes.
  • Safety equipment for workers that include Arc Flash suits/gloves/shields, Voltage detectors, grounding/shorting and lockout devices for use on live installations.

Designing an application specific external lightning solution, and properly installing the equipotential grounding system are the first steps in securing the reliability of the plant. Couple this with surge protection devices (SPDs) designed to isolate control, monitoring and communication systems; and your facility, workers, equipment and service is ready for years of reliable service.

With over 100 years in business we have 2 words… DEHN protects. Period.

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