DEHN is proud to be UL 1449 4th edition certified!

UL 1449 4th Edition established Open Type 1 Surge Protection Devices to allow end-use customers to employ robust DEHNguard SPDs into their AC power load centers with the comfort of knowing these devices are rated for the fault and safety test ratings of the circuit.  DEHNguard SPDs can be used without disconnection means and offer the best in class electrical surge withstand and security.

UL 1449 applies to Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) designed for the repeated limiting of transient voltage surges as specified in the standard on 50 or 60 Hz power circuits not exceeding 1000 V.  The 4th edition standard specifies various tests that Original Equipment Manufacturer must pass to claim compliance and standard SPD’s must-have UL 1449 certifications to meet safety standards for specific markets.

DEHNguard SPDs have passed all of the short circuit current rating (SCCR) fault tests up to 200kA symmetrical amps and can be used in load center panels with similar exceptionally high ratings.

The UL 1449 updates are especially helpful in light of NEC updates to require surge protection on the incoming power at the load centers on dwellings. The SPD fault test pedigree will allow qualified personnel to add the device into or adjacent to the load center safely so the SPD can effectively reduce the risk of fire and damage to electronics and appliances.

DEHN is proud to be UL 1449 4th edition certified! Contact us to speak with our experts for guidance on protection applications!