DEHN protects tank battery pump jacks for Oil and Gas applications

DEHN USA is excited to release a comprehensive solution to protect tank battery pump jacks from lightning and other surge events. DEHN USA is committed to identify, provide, and continually advance these solutions to the Oil and Gas industry. 

In the Oil and Gas industry, finding a proper earthing and bonding solution can be challenging. The petroleum extraction and temporary storage process uses fiberglass tanks with highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide and hydrocarbon explosive equipment. The tanks tend to be only partially bonded between metal components and fiberglass structures where the petroleum is skimmed from the surface of a float water system. Even though the grounding earth electrode rods and rings location is typically outside the leak prevention moat retaining walls, there has still been difficulties for lighting protection due to the presence of explosive gas and absence of equipotential bonding. 

A properly designed tank battery pump jack system with lightning protection is composed of extremely robust mechanical devices intended to intercept lightning strikes and direct the energy safely to the Earth. The challenges to create a lightning protection system over these tank battery pump jacks are complicated by the presence of gas vents, and poor buried earthing electrodes. The problems that have been thoroughly researched and resolved include: Lightning Protection Rolling Sphere Coverage, Earthing and Grounding Electrode System, Equipotential Bonding and Electrostatic Discharge Control, Surge Protection Device (SPD) Application on AC Power and I/O Control, Cathodic Protection, and Isolation Barrier Protection.

After thorough research of methods and measures, DEHN USA can ensure the protection of this tank battery type site from direct strike, sparking between loosely coupled metallic structures and electrical surge failure induced by lightning and high ground potential rise. DEHN USA has created a detailed maintenance plan to ensure all necessary requirements are met, routinely checked and in efficient working order.

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