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Now with PCB base part


PCB-based system solution for protecting measuring and control circuits

The BLITZDUCTOR base part is soldered directly onto the PCB. This eliminates the need for the kind of switchgear cabinet wiring with connection terminals required when mounting on a DIN rail.

This means:

  • You save time
  • You save space
  • You save material

... and connection errors are no longer an issue with this solution.


Your maintenance bonus

You have complete control because each individual base part is remotely monitored.
If a protection module needs to be replaced, this is easily done without tools. As with all BLITZDUCTORconnect models.

All the features at a glance

PCB – printed circuit board solution

1 – LifeCheck status indication
coupled with remote signaling contact  

2 – secR Technology
module locking on both sides, vibration-resistant  

3 – Protection module
of the BCO MOD arrester series  

4 – Marking
of the protected side  

5 – Connection pins
for the soldered connection  

6 – Remote signaling contact (no/nc)
changeover contact

Printed circuit board manufacturers

Save time with this integrative solution

Especially interesting for control board manufacturers:

The PCB is fully assembled before being integrated into the switchgear cabinet as a single component. This is then simply connected to the electronic system components via the standard cable sets.


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