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While we normally think of voltage causing catastrophic failure, we must also remember that lightning, transients and surges caused by other phenomena can cause havoc on measurement, control, instrumentation and communication circuits and systems, without causing noticeable physical damage to components. Unless such transients are properly shunted from PLCs, controllers. In addition to component failures, they can cause system upset, lost data and data lines, erroneous signals and false system operations. DEHN's TVSS are designed for all bus systems and system configuration to maintain system reliability regardless of the cause or magnitude of these voltage transients.

Voltage problems and fluctuations can cause problems for both new and old houses and electrical storms and lightning can only magnify these voltage issues to an unparrelled extreme. Though these problems can cause damage Dehn voltage protection can give you a solution.

A business without good voltage protection runs the risk of lost data, erroneous signals and false system operations. With Dehn's quality voltage protection products you can always rest assured that your business is in good hands.

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DEHN is a world leader in lightning and surge protection products for the protection of electrical equipment and systems.

DEHN develops and manufactures TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression) products for 600 V. class power circuits, measurement, control and instrumentation, communications, electronics and computer based systems.

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