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DEHN has been a leader in lightning and surge protection systems for over 90 years. Statefarm estimates that there are over 20 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes detected per year in the 48 contiguous states of the US. Each thunderstorm has the potential to cost you a great deal of time and money if you are not properly prepared with surge protection system.

Surges are short-duration peak voltages – i.e. transient voltages – arising in time intervals of only milliseconds. They come up to peak voltages of some thousand Volts.

These surges are caused by:

  • direct lightning strikes
  • indirect lightning strikes within a distance of some kilometres
  • switching operations in the power supply system
  • faults due to switching operations within the installation

In the commercial sector, lightning or power surges cause 45% of electrical equipment damage. Overall, 28 out of 100 cases of damage to electronic equipment are caused by surges. Surges are by far the most frequent cause of damage. This shows a study of 8,400 cases of damage in Germany. More frequently than carelessness, electronic killer impulses cause defects and breakdowns in an instant.

No More Costly Repairs

Surge protectors are invaluable to any business and whether you're ensuring quality to customers or protecting your own network, surge protection should always be a top priority when planning for protection from unforeseen occurrences.

Although insurance companies may cover damages of hardware, provided insurance was taken out. Who is responsible for the resulting damage caused by data loss, production standstill or even personal injury?

The installation of lightning current and surge arresters together with additional mounting of shielded conductors offers the best protection against surge voltages. Shielded lines only can limit but not prevent interferences or damage to terminal equipment. Often, the installation of arresters is indispensable.


If you are unsure what products you need for you surge protection system, contact DEHN online and we can provide you with a solution.

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DEHN is a world leader in lightning and surge protection products for the protection of electrical equipment and systems.

DEHN develops and manufactures TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression) products for 600 V. class power circuits, measurement, control and instrumentation, communications, electronics and computer based systems.

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