DEHNbloc® modular US

Process, Motor or Animatronics Control  - DEHN protects critical systems from Lightning currents with the NEW High Performance Type 1 DEHNbloc M (Modular)

For electronic and electrical companies servicing the processing industry, motor control systems and other devices, DEHN offers the NEW DEHNbloc MU arrester series for protecting critical circuits. These surge protective devices (SPDs) improve the overall reliability demanded in North American power systems. DEHN's DEHNbloc M (Type 1) and DEHNguard® (Type2) UL SPDs are coordinated to work with each other offering unparalleled performance which reduces  or virtually eliminates your maintenance  schedule. The lifetime of such these critical circuits can easily exceed the 10 year mark and DEHN helps to increase the availability, reliability and overall performance of the systems.

These surge protective devices protect e.g. motor control systems in all industrial sectors and meet the requirements of the North American market, e.g. UL and NEC. They are also ideally suited for electrical service entrance switches. The DEHNbloc three-pole device provides patented voltage-switching SPD technology designed to remove the damaging lightning generated energy that is galvanically coupled into an electrical system. The integrated remote status indication circuitry is rated to NEC Class 2 wiring requirements and provides a floating Form C (SPST) contact that can be wired to visual and audible control circuits as well as an analogue input into a PLC. This floating Form C circuit is isolated from the arrester elements, preventing transient voltage from entering the status contact circuitry.

The DEHNbloc three-pole product is an IEC Class 1 (Type 1) lightning current arrester and is UL-approved for up to 30 kA SCCR. These three-pole SPDs are ideal for either 480 Y/277 V or 208 Y/120 V  They can be installed as a stand alone Class 1 (Type 1) lightning current arrester or, in combination with DEHN’s DEHNguard® UL Class 2 (type 2) product line for a coordinated Class 1+2 lightning and surge protection solution.